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Climate benefits for every company. Canopy makes it easy for employees to reduce emissions at home.
SupplyShift is an end-to-end supply chain data management, responsible sourcing, and supplier engagement platform. Our cloud-based technology helps customers from many different industries trace their supply chains and collect information from all tiers, enabling them to achieve their goals of supply chain transparency and responsibility. We turn supply chain data into actionable business intelligence in an increasingly connected world.
FloodFlash provides fairly-priced, no-exclusions, instant-settlement flood insurance
Raptor Maps is a software company specializing in data processing and machine learning. The company provides tools to organize data, perform virtual inspections, and generate reports that seamlessly integrate into the workflows of solar asset owners. Raptor Maps also develops algorithms for automated assessments and predictive analytics. It was founded by MIT engineers and has investment from Y Combinator and the Commercial Drone Fund.
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Audette’s mission is to get carbon out of buildings and we do that by creating net-zero roadmaps for large commercial real estate portfolios through our software-as-a-service.
Developer of a cloud-based stormwater monitoring platform designed to offer real-time data and insights to the utilities of the United States. The company's platform helps users to access all of their permitted stormwater sites and data in a single place which is accessible anytime, enabling cities and consultants to manage better during changing stormwater conditions.
Shifted Energy was formed in 2016 to focus on the integration of renewables through equitable transformation. We’ve developed, tested and perfected our patent pending solutions to help utilities throughout the world stabilize their grids while accelerating the integration of intermittent wind and solar power generation. Crucially, our platform engages hard-to-reach communities who can’t access rooftop solar by targeting renters. Shifted Energy provides the link between disparate populations, so we can all work together to build a sustainable future.
Developer of an artificial intelligence software created to serve aquaculture industry. The company's software is used for aquaculture feed cameras and allows users to measure biomass, sea lice and health in real-time, enabling fish farms to optimize feeding times and save costs.